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At Align Swim, we believe that practicing sustainability is pivotal in aiding the change in our lifestyle which ultimately preserves our environment. We take pride in building our brand in the most ethical and responsible way. Our goal is to eventually give back to the society and environmentally-conscious vendors and companies in the near future.

Our Production

We pride ourselves in creating timeless silhouettes that celebrate all female bodies while still focusing on sustainability. All of Align’s pieces are made from high quality, buttery soft and earth-friendly fabrics such as Econyl and Repreve. These fabrics are also more chlorine-resistant than any other kind of swimwear fabrics, while also providing amazing UV protection. We also produce our designs in limited batches in order to reduce resource wastage.

Both of these fabrics are extremely durable and sturdy. We hope to extend the longevity of these pieces as much as possible; to create a new purpose for these materials that have been given a new lease of life. 

Who Made Them?

 There are people behind the swimwear we create, and we make it our mission to put them first. We currently work with an ethical factory based in Bali, Indonesia. The workers are paid well over the minimum wage, have 13 months’ salary a year and receive free medical insurance covering doctors’ fees, prescribed medication and hospitalisation which are extended to their spouse and up to three children. All regulations with the Government have been met in accordance with treatment of employees, waste disposal and sanitation. 

In addition, the factory makes monthly donations to women and children in need. Leftover fabric scraps are donated to communities to channel their purposes into saleable goods.

We place a high importance in finding a good manufacturing partner that not only has excellent production quality, but also takes great care in the treatment of their employees and their working conditions.

Our Packaging

To minimise the environmental impact towards our distribution channels, we have opted for reusable and/or recyclable packaging and shipping materials.

We are constantly looking for ways to drive our sustainability efforts through our products, packaging and the way we grow our business. Most importantly, we want to enrich our consumers by touching on how to make more mindful choices to safeguard our planet.