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  • Every customer that creates an account with us will automatically be a SunBather.
  • Welcome discount will be emailed to you when you register for an account and sign up for our newsletter. The welcome discount is a one-time use discount code.
  • Earn 1 Sunset Point for every $1 spent. Points are only awarded to cash spent. They are not awarded for any store credits or Gift Card usage.
  • Points are only awarded after your order has been completed. Your points will be reflected under 'My Account' > 'Reward Points'.
  • Sunset Points redemption is in $2 blocks (200 points).
  • Sunset points expire 12 months from the date of issue. Expired points cannot be reinstated regardless of any reason. (Example: If you earn 100 points on 5th Feb 2023, your points will expire on 5th Feb 2024) 
  • Sunset points cannot be redeemed for cash, refunded or transferred. 
  • Birthday discounts can only be redeemed once during your birthday month (as indicated in your account details). The birthday discount code will be emailed to you at the start of your birthday month. Orders placed using the birthday discount are strictly not eligible for returns or exchanges. 
  • Tier membership welcome discount will be emailed to you when your current tier has been upgraded. It is a one-time use discount code.
  • Birthday discounts and tier membership welcome discounts are not applicable on sale items.
  • For membership spending accumulation, the system takes into account the total amount paid and excludes returns.
  • Please note that your accumulated spending will only be carried forward for the purpose of upgrading your membership tier. However, once your tier cycle concludes, or even if you continue to remain in the same tier, the accumulated spending will be reset to $0. 
  • Your tier cycle lasts for 12 months unless your current tier is upgraded. For example, if you are a SunBather from Jan 2023 to Oct 2023 and gets upgraded to SunChaser in Oct 2023, your new membership tier will end on Oct 2024 unless you maintain your status or get upgraded. 
  • To upgrade from Sunbather > SunChaser, you will need to spend a minimum of $300. From SunChaser > SunLover, you will need to spend a minimum of $600 after hitting SunChaser tier. 

    Scenario 1: You made a purchase of $650 hence meeting the qualifications for the SunChaser tier. $300 goes to qualifying for SunChaser and the remaining $350 goes to chalking up accumulated spend to reach SunLover tier. You will simply need to spend another $250 to qualify for SunLover tier. 

    Scenario 2: You made a purchase of $950 that enables you to qualify for the SunLover tier. Out of the total amount, $300 will contribute towards your SunChaser tier. With $650 remaining, you have met the minimum spending requirement of $600 beyond the SunChaser tier.

  • To maintain your membership, you will need to spend $300 and $600 within 12 months for SunChaser and SunLover respectively. Accumulated spending before reaching the tier will not be taken into account for renewal. 

    For example: On your first order, you made a purchase totaling $450, which qualifies you for the SunChaser tier. Out of this amount, $300 will be allocated towards your SunChaser tier, while the excess $150 will be added to your accumulated spending for a potential upgrade to the SunLover tier. It's important to note that the excess amount does not contribute to maintaining your membership since you have just reached the SunChaser tier.

    To maintain your membership, you will need to spend an additional $300 within 12 months, which will count towards both maintaining your account and your total accumulated spend.