In this collection, we got inspired by art paintings. 
Fashion is simply a wearable form of art. 

We discover many similarities between an artist and ourselves.

Here are the three elements that are essential in creating the ideal swimwear.


1. Fitting

The perfect swimwear should align nicely to a woman’s body. It takes a long time to get the measurements right because it is the most integral part in the designing process.

Every inch removed and added from the design makes a huge difference.

Similarly for an artist, inaccurate proportions can create very noticeable distortions that will affect the believability of the drawing.

2. Details 

As you can see, this piece is timeless and minimalistic.

The highlight of this design are the bow ties on each shoulder. They add a little fun and uniqueness element to it. The little folds at the bust area also creates texture and accentuates the piece.

The low back cutting emphasises the curvature of the spine and creates a visually slimming effect. Thus, it is equally important for the details to stand out from an otherwise plain piece.

3. Colour

Colour is one of the most exciting components.

Colours can be used to create mood, express feelings and emotions. In this collection, there are three colours. 

Slate GreyCrimson Red and Teal.

They compliment beautifully with the designs. These colours display strength, confidence and elegance.

Teal is the most unique shade out of all as it is uncommon. The colour represents calmness and optimism. It is a mixture of blue and green, associating with nature and water. The understated elegance encourages a calm, reflective mood.

Other than three new colours, we also made these designs in Dusty Blue for the ones who love lighter shades! 

As for the past designs, we made them in Slate Grey for the ones who prefer darker colours. 

There is definitely something for everyone. Hope you enjoy the collection! xx