The Boavida Collection is a beautiful collaboration with a Canadian print & pattern designer, Elizabeth Olwen.

Boavida translates to "The Good Life" and to us, it means being able to own and feel good in your skin while feeling free and light at the beach. The entire concept has been inspired by Elizabeth's move to Portugal and the discovery of the magical beaches over there.

There are three different prints in this collection, namely Arco, Flores and Ponto. The prints on our swimwear are non-identical on each piece - in order to reduce fabric waste. We also wish to offer each customer their own special version. This way, you will never show up on the beach wearing the exact same suit as each one has its own variation.

Arco-Iris means ‘rainbow’ in Portuguese. What a special thing it is to spot a rainbow, one of the most iconic symbols of hope and positivity. It feels like the perfect motif to match the carefree spirit of going to the beach. This colourful print features horizons brimming with infinite rainbows, an invitation to daydream and ponder what lies beyond. 

Flores means ‘flowers’ in Portuguese, and Portugal is constantly in bloom. Florals are a classic choice for swimwear, but we wanted to create a twist with this modern and organic print, and add a bit of drama with its large scale. The softness of the palette is so feminine and soothing - in resemblance to the dreamy colours of sparkling turquoise Portuguese beaches meeting a soft gradient sky at sunset.

Ponto means  ‘dot’ in Portuguese. This playful print is an exploration of colour and shape, like a moving colour palette. We wanted the print to feel a little bolder, more dramatic, a little bit out of the ordinary, and empower you with a bit more coverage so you can feel confident diving into wild ocean waves.

There are seven styles in total in this collection. Encompassing comfort and coverage through our creations is key - each style was designed to ensure maximum support without compromising on looking and feeling your best. 


Meet Camila Top Ines Bottom in Arco 

Meet Camila Top Ines Bottom in Flores 

Meet Ana One-Piece in Flores

Meet Bianca Top and Ava Bottom in Ponto

Meet Sofia One-Piece in Ponto

From this collection forward, we will be extending our size range from XS - XL for all styles! It is a baby step towards being more diversified and we hope to be able to cater to even more women in future!