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At Align Swim, we believe that practicing sustainability is pivotal in aiding the change in our lifestyle which ultimately preserves our environment. We have always been building our brand in an ethical and responsible manner. We want to eventually be able to give back more to society and also collaborate with more environmentally conscious vendors.

Challenged by the fast fashion industry, we advocate the shift to sustainable and ethical fashion. Putting our environment first, we consider the impact it makes and fuelling the choices we do - from production to distribution. 

Our Production

We are conscious about the pieces that we produce. Our swimwear are made from high quality, buttery soft, sustainable fabrics. Our fabrics are more chlorine resistant than any other swimwear fabric and also provides excellent UV protection. In order to minimise wastage, we do not overproduce our pieces.

Regenerated nylon made from waste from landfills and oceans

Performance fiber made from recycled plastic bottles

Both of these fabrics serve the same purposes - extremely durable & high quality.  We hope to extend the longevity to these pieces as much as possible - to build a new long life for these materials that are given a second chance to be made useful again. 

Who Made Them?

We are working with an ethical factory in Bali, Indonesia. The workers are paid well over the minimum wage, 13 months’ salary a year, receive free medical insurance covering doctors’ fees, prescribed medication & hospitalisation which are extended to their spouse & up to three children. All regulations with Government has been met in accordance with treatment of employees, waste disposal & sanitation. 

In addition, the factory does monthly donations to women & children in need. For leftover fabric scraps - they are donated to communities to channel their purposes into saleable goods.

It is critical for us to find a good manufacturer that are not only excellent in what they produce but also treatment of their employees and working conditions.

Our Packing Essentials

To minimise environmental impact towards our distribution channels, we have opted for reusable and/or recyclable packaging and shipping materials. 

Align Pouch

Reusable storage pouch for your beach/daily essentials. Given to every first purchase with us (currently out of stocks). 

100% Bio-Degradable Bag 
Comes with every swimwear to protect them during transition & they are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.

Recyclable Postcards
Contains our brand & product information that comes with every first order. Do kindly recyclable them when not needed.

Our Mailing Essentials

We also allow customers to pick up their packages to reduce carbon footprints.

100% Compostable Mailer
Made from a combination of corn-based biopolymers, the Compostable Mailer composts in 6 months (180 days) and is certified for both home and commercial compost. Comes with additional adhesive for reusable purposes. You are recommended to opt for a compostable mailer especially if it's not your first purchase. Let's help to save the earth together! 

Align Envelope
Our custom envelope that is recyclable and can be reused for subsequent mailings or any returns made from customers. 

Gift Wrap
Gift sustainably with our Furoshiki Gift Wrap that can be reuse in many different ways - bag, scarf, lunch bag etc. Delivery comes in our Align recyclable kraft box.

We are constantly looking for ways to drive our sustainability efforts through our products, packagings and the way we develop our business. Most importantly, we want to enrich our consumers by touching on issues with regards to sustainability.