Furoshiki - A sustainable way of gifting 


Gift Wrap 

  • Place the cloth in a diamond shape 

    Place the object at the nearest end towards you (make sure the logo is at the far end opposite of you).  
  • Wrap it up 

    Pull the cloth over the object and wrap it around until there's no more cloth.  
  • A little tweak 

    Ensure the flap shows the logo and adjust any necessary areas.  
  • Sustainable gift ready! 

    Tie the opposite corners into a bow and slip your greeting card or flowers in! You've got your gift ready.   


Drawstring bag

  • Place the cloth in front of you 

    Tie two ends of the cloth together in a single loose knot.  
  • Repeat

    Do the same on the opposite side.  
  • Double knot it 

    Grab the ends of the upper and lower ends on the left side and give it a double knot, do the same on the right side (the smaller your double knot, the longer your handle will be).  
  • Sustainable bag ready! 

    You now have a drawstring bag on the go.   


Hair Tie/Scarf

  • Knot it! 

    Simply tie a knot around your hair tie or you use around your hair as a hair scarf to accessorise your outfit. 


Accessorise Your Bag 

  • Knot it too! 

    Tie a knot around the handle of your bag to accessorise your bag.
  • Tie into a drawstring bag 

    You can even use it any time to tie it into the drawstring bag that we just taught you, to store your shopping items.


 Align Swim x Liberty Society 

We collaborated with Liberty Society to create these wraps. Each of it is handcrafted with love by a community of marginalized women at @housebyliberty. By purchasing our wrap, you have empowered them through upskilling trainings, community support and safe employment. Click to learn more about the House of Freedom and the ladies you empowered.