Black Friday x Hoolah

How does Hoolah works?

 - Split your purchase into 4 payments with no interest or fees. Pay via debit or credit card and amount will be deducted every bi-weekly.

How do I get my 10% cashback?

- After order has been made, Hoolah will email you in a couple of weeks for your bank details and they will transfer the 10% rebate back to you. Cashback is capped at $50 per order.

Eg: If you buy Freya One-Piece $99, after 10% discount it will be $89.10.
Hoolah will split the payment into four terms hence $22.28 deducted per installment. After two weeks, Hoolah will transfer you back $8.91 (10% cashback)

Can I do an exchange or return for purchases during this sale?

- No returns are allowed. You are only able to exchange for sizes if they are available.

Are preorder items valid for discount?

- Preorder items are not valid for 10% off but entitled to 10% cashback! For all other items, you get 10% + 10% cashback. However for preorder items, you get 10% cashback only. Which is still a win!