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A fresh start, a new beginning.  To mark this year, we are bringing back new colours on our top-selling styles.
Colours play a huge role in influencing your mood. As such, we came up with these colours based on the different moods that best represent you.


Meet Powder 

Our newest introduction to our wide range of gorgeous shades - a pastel, powdery blue. Immerse in the feeling of being carefree and light-heartedness while wearing these pieces.

Styles Available: Emma Halter Top, Alexa Toga Top & Renee Bottom 
Meet Saffron

A colour of happiness, joy & sunshine. Bring out your creativity and positivity with our saffron pieces.  

Styles Available: Phoebe One-Piece, Ava Top & Ava Bottom
Meet Pony

 The soft hues of lilac gives out an innocent, child-like wonder. A dreamy one to set your mood right with the magical colour. 
Meet Scarlet 

A colour of romance, passion and even adventure. It builds confidence and brings out the power within you.

Styles Available: Phoebe One-Piece, Luna One-Piece & Ava Top 


Meet Midnight 

Midnight gives us a calm & sophisticated look. The colour manifest elegance in us and puts us in the state of tranquillity.

Styles Available: Renee Top, Renee Bottom, Nova Triangle Top, Phoebe One-Piece & Freya One-Piece 


Pick the colour the best suits your mood. 

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